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Words and Pictures from Our Archives

We've collated some words and photos from our model photography archives, to enlighten you with what goes on behind the scenes. Our clients always have a fantastic time, and the images exceed expectation.

Our beach shoots are popular. We select the beach to match the items the model is wearing. Sometimes we've walked for ages on sand- chasing tides, light and ambience, or to find an area of coastline more sheltered from the harsh light or prevailing winds.

The water isn't always as warm as the photos- or the model's expression- make it look.
The weather on the day of the shoot plays a huge part in creating the atmosphere of the photos.
Often we shoot at the beach to get the light created by the sun's lower arc accross the sky in winter months. This is especially true in the days following a southerly outbreak weather event, when clear skies (and bitterly cold winds from the south) are the order of a very short day or two.

Testimonial from Model on this Website

"Thanks guys for making the day so awesome. Having makeup and hair styling on the beach was a buzz, as it kept me looking good in the wind. It was freezing at times but I didn't notice it when I was looking at the camera, it was done very professionally with my comfort a top priority. Love the photos" from Amie
Our waterfall shoots involve walking- and sometimes scrambling, to get to the place where the composition of the model and waterfall setting really work in synergy, to make the image what it is.
Rocks can be slippery, setting up lighting can be fun... suspending power packs in trees to light the model, ensuring leaves don't cast shadows where they shouldn't and that the model is still upright when we finally get around to taking pictures can sometimes be a challenge.
Waterfall photography with models, takes place in softer conditions- gentle or heavy cloud cover is ideal. Some of the pictures within this website were shot on waterfalls during sunny weather. What started as a cloudy day turned into a bright sunny day as we started the shoot. We used subtractive lighting techniques to lower the contrast of the shoot, when fill-light placement was not possible.

Comment from Model on Waterfall Shoot

Hey, thanks for the brilliant shots! People have no idea what goes into producing fantastic work. I laugh when I look back at the final images and think of everything off to the side held in place by wire and string to make it look natural. I recommend this to anyone wanting beautiful shots" from Jenelle
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